Balsamic Vinegar and Oil

Balsamic Vinegar and Oil

Greek Salad with Feta cheese

Village salad with feta cheese (Greek salad) You will need:

1 red onion (small)
1 tomato (large)
2 green bell peppers (large)
1 red bell pepper (large)
2 cucumbers (large)
6 black olives (large)
½ cup of feta cheese that is crumbled
½ cup of vegetable oil
1 ½ tsp white wine vinegar
Season with salt and pepper

All the vegetables should be peeled, chopped and deseeded. Combine together in a large dish. Mix together the oil and vinegar and by using a whisk and pour over the salad. Finally, add the feta cheese to the salad and season with a little salt and pepper. Prior to serving ensure that the salad is well tossed.

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