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Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe

Monday, March 03rd, 2008

Vinaigrette dressing as a commonplace food item found in most pantries. It is so simple to make and can be varied by adding different ingredients to the oil, vinegar and mustard base elements. The ingredients can be altered depending on individual taste.

Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe

1 tbs soy sauce or tamari
2 tbs honey (clover variety)
2 cloves of garlic put through a garlic press
½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
Dried red pepper to taste (should be crushed)

Blend all ingredients together either in an average sized bowl or food processor. Pay attention to the mixing of oil and vinegar to ensure they are perfectly blended and the end result is smooth an even.

A crisp seasonal salad is the ideal accompaniment to your vinaigrette. When you have dressed your salad you should refrigerate your leftover dressing by storing in an appropriate sealed container. By creating your vinaigrette dressing at home to your specifications you can be confident that no fats that have been hydrogenated, which occurs  in mass produced, shop bought products. During the manufacturing of off the shelf dressings, fats are hydrogenated to help stabilize the contents and prolong longer life of the product. The disadvantage, however, is that these hydrogenated fats turn into harmful trans fats. These are difficult to detect as there is  no legal requirement for the manufacturers to display this information on the contents label. 

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Cute Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Don’t think you have to stick with the dinner and a movie rut this Valentine’s Day

there are options and different date ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day date memorable!

Gourmet Gifts


Cute and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas can include;

Cook a romantic meal at home, a spa day, Find a wine tasting winery nearby, or just visit the park for a walk or picnic . Get a card and a gift and that is where this story begins.

We all want to present a gift that doesn’t look like a last minute choice from Target or Wal-Mart,

We want special…

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The Tradition Of Modena Aceto Balsamico Balsamic Vinegar

Thursday, October 02nd, 2014

At one point in history, this special luxury was reserved only for the wealthy, especially for monarchs, kings, and potentates. Perfume and taste mix in a harmonious manner as they meet, the special Aceto Balsamico Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. It’s discrete but never overbearing, olfactory presence makes every sweet or savory recipe more precious, raises the senses and stimulates the mind. Aceto Balsamico is something every Italian kitchen has and is never without. For this reason, following no other than the Duke of Modena, many professional people at the turn of the millennium who boast of the Modena model, always hide a piece of history: a set of balsamic vinegar in the attic. This special Italian balsamic vinegar, the fruit of a long and learned ageing process of sugared grape must in precious wooden barrels, invites you to enter the fascinating world of olfaction. Of the five senses, this is the least known and yet it is the ultimate gastronomic enrichment, the strongest sensorial experiences, of memory and emotions linked to great tasting Italian food. Nowadays, Modena Aceto Balsamico Balsamic Vinegar is very commonly used for toppings in many recipes, as well as deserts. Balsamic Vinegar is a must have for every salad dressing, just like the vinaigrette dressings.

Balsamic Porcini Crepes With Cheese

Monday, January 06th, 2014

Balsamic Vinegar Mushroom Crepes Recipe

Six tablespoons unsalted butter
Three large eggs
One cup white all purpose flour
One cup milk
Two teaspoons minced fresh thyme
Melt the butter and pour two tablespoons in a blender along with the eggs, flour, and milk and blend until smooth. Then blend in by hand the thyme. Cover the mixture and keep in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

Over medium heat in a saucepan, pour in the remaining butter. Then put one quarter of the refrigerated batter into the saucepan and mix the batter well, spreading it throughout the entire pan on all sides. Cook for one minute, then turn and cook for 30 seconds. Repeat until all the batter is cooked and place in the oven at low heat to keep them warm until ready to serve.
Porcini Filling:

One tablespoon Aceto Balsamico Modena Balsamic Vinegar
Three tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Four ounces fresh white goat cheese
One leek using only the white part
One pound fresh porcini mushrooms

Sauté the leek in a saucepan for three minutes over medium heat with the olive oil. Put the mushrooms in and cook for 10 minutes. Mix in two ounces of the goat cheese with salt and pepper and remove from the burner. In a separate bowl, mix the balsamic vinegar with the other two ounces of goat cheese and set aside separate.

Spread two tablespoons of the mushroom sauce from the first pan on half of each crepe. Roll up and spread the balsamic and goat cheese on it and serve on a platter right away.

Salmon with Balsamic Reduction

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

A Balsamic Vinegar Reduction to Accompany Salmon Ingredients:

Half a cup of aged balsamic vinegar
Half a cup of chicken broth
1 tsp of fresh thyme, finely chopped
¾ tsp sea salt
¼ tsp black pepper, freshly ground
2 lb Salmon fillets, cut to give six pieces of equal size
2 tsps of canola or grape seed oil


In a pan that will not react to the vinegar mix vinegar and chicken broth and bring to a simmer for up to twenty five minutes or until the quantity has reduced by fifty percent.

Meanwhile mix the other dry ingredients which include the thyme, salt and pepper and cover the top of the salmon by rubbing in these ingredients. Heat the oil in a skillet and add the salmon with the skin side on top. The salmon fillets should be cooked for up to six minutes and turning regularly so that the salmon begins to flake but is still pink in the center. This process should be repeated for each piece of salmon.

To serve, drizzle your balsamic over each piece of salmon and accompany with fluffy mashed potatoes. To compensate for the richness of the salmon there is a higher quantity of vinegar and a lighter vegetable oil in this recipe.

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Modena Balsamic Masserie di Sant’Eramo

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
Aceto Balsamico di Modena Acidity 6%
Product of Italy

This balsamic vinegar is produced in Modena in Italy. The process used to create this balsamic vinegar an age old method that has not altered for hundreds of years. Red grapes are picked from the vine and transformed into a concentrate by the cooking process. This concentrate is accompanied by a wine vinegar and kept in wooden casks to age.

Because of its exceptional quality due to the process by which is it made and aged this particular balsamic vinegar is widely used as a gourmet product for many aspects of Italian cuisine. There is no doubt that Masserie di Sant’Eramo would be the first choice of any discerning cook when preparing a recipe that requires balsamic vinegar.

Masserie di Sant’Eramo is superior to most other wine vinegars because of the traditional methods used to produce it. The whole process of creating this balsamico is slow and deliberate. The grapes used for the creation of this balsamic vinegar lend body to the final product as they are only picked once they are perfectly ripened. Like fine wine, the finished grape concentrate is slow aged in wooden caskets. The resulting rich flavour is second to none. Because of its intense flavour this balsamic vinegar can be used sparingly in salad dressings or on its own.

Balsamic vinegar has a rich intense flavour and only a little is required to bring extra flavour to your dishes. The uses for this balsamico are many and varied. Balsamic vinegar is also an excellent tenderizer for all meats and poultry and can be used as part of the ingredients for a marinade. Balsamic vinegar will add a zest to many dishes hot or cold, particularly pasta, fresh salads, vegetables, and even soup. A really popular use for Balsamic vinegar is Bread dipping. All you need is your cruet set of gourmet oil and aged Modena vinegar and you have the basis of the perfect Mediterranean snack.

To prepare this delicious traditional Italian appetizer, you need some exciting fresh Mediterranean or French bread. You may also like to add some sliced tomatoes for extra taste. Also dress a fresh steamed medley of vegetables and season with sea salt and a little of the Balsamico di Modena.

As an idea for gift Masserie di Sant’Eramo is a perfect offering for any occasion. Instead of offering your party hostess wine or flowers why not consider a bottle of this exclusive aged gourmet balsamic vinegar. Friends, family and discerning lovers of good food will really appreciate its quality and originality.

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