Balsamic Vinegar and Oil

Balsamic Vinegar and Oil

Salad Dressings Of The Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Vinaigrette Dressings

Spices, sauces and dressings are an ideal way to add excitement to any plain food. You can use them to make your Mediterranean diet tastier and healthier.

Sauces and dressings

A beautiful salad is a great way to enjoy the Mediterranean diet. It is healthy and very appealing to the eye but for most people the taste is not always as enticing. However, adding a touch of rich complimentary salad dressing could change an unsavory salad to a delicacy. Aceto Balsamico from Modena, this special balsamic vinegar adds the perfect taste that a salad vinaigrette dressing can offer. Pasta is yet another dish that could benefit hugely from a light touch of the right sauce. A sauce such as Spinach-Walnut Pesto will greatly improve the taste of your pasta.

You can even use vinaigrettes to preserve cooked vegetables, then use later as a side dish or add them to your salad for an enhanced taste. Furthermore, mixing a bit of olive oil with your sauce is a trick that is widely used by cooking experts all over the world as it adds an exciting twist to your meal. Olive oil also boosts the level of the good cholesterol in the body, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.


Salt and pepper are usually enough seasoning. However, from time to time, you may need to try out something more to add a little excitement to your kitchen as well as around the dinner table. Spices and herbs such as cinnamon, basil, cloves, garlic and parsley are a great way to do that. Spices add flavor and aroma to your meals.

Most commonly used and readily available spices are vanilla, lavender, chilies and anise. Use thyme to spice up seafood, ginger for soups and cakes and sumac for meats, more so poultry. Parsley and ginger are great for making sauces too.

Other than making your meal tasty, they also come with a bunch of health benefits, which is a huge bonus. Most of them are powerful antioxidants, digestive aids and immune boosters.

For most people, using spices can pose a challenge so here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Start with one spice at a time. Although using several spices may add more flavor to your meal, not all spices complement each other. Start with one instead of mixing many as mixing clashing spices could be disastrous.
  • Little goes a long way so start with a little. Do not cover your food in spice, as it will be too overpowering. Add little by little until you get the desired taste.
  • Start with a very little amount to help you decide whether you like the taste. If you do, you can add a bit more next time.
  • If you have an option between fresh and processed herbs, always opt for fresh ones, they are tastier and healthier.
  • When using fresh herbs chop them finely and add them last as overcooking them will make them lose flavor and nutritional value.

Use all sauces and spices in moderation as too much will ruin the taste of your food and just like any fat, olive oil it is very high in calories therefore should be used sparingly.

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